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Pay Less for Comfort​

When deciding what home improvements should be made, the most important factor is maximizing the comfort of your home and saving money on your energy bills. Dollar for dollar, insulation is the number one way to save energy. If you aren’t comfortable in your home, the first thing you do is adjust the temperature which drives your energy bills up. Upgrading your home insulation will make you more comfortable, and result in spending less on utilities. Maximize the comfort in your home by contacting The Insulation Man, the top insulation installers in Southeast Michigan!​​

Free Home Estimates

The first step of our process is sending someone out to meet with you and view your home to find out the scope of your project to give you the most accurate estimate. Our knowledgable and friendly sales staff will help find how to best meet your needs and make your home as comfortable as possible. Click here to contact us for a free estimate today.

Energy Audits & Thermal Imaging

You may suspect your home isn’t performing optimally. But without knowing exactly where or by how much, your efforts to correct it may end up costing you far more than you should pay. Our Comprehensive Home Assessment is a whole house approach to take the guesswork out of energy loss and comfort issues in the home. It includes thermal imaging technology to detect comfort issues in your home with pinpoint accuracy, enabling us to save you money in the long run.


Dollar for dollar, insulation is the No. 1 way to save energy in your home. An insulated home is also a more comfortable home because it reduces drafts and radiates heat back to you. This can help your home feel warmer in winter even when your thermometer is set to a lower temperature. Insulation also helps reduce your summer cooling bills.


As insulation experts, we can help you determine what type and how much insulation to use in the different parts of your home.

Home Weatherization

Air blowing into your home from outside can bring with it all sorts of problems, from energy loss to dust and pollen to damaging moisture and condensation to the discomfort of a drafty room. Proper air sealing and weatherization blocks all the little gaps and cracks for greater comfort, cleanliness and energy efficiency.

Spray Foam

Any insulation functions as a heat barrier. But for true climate protection, you also need a moisture and air barrier. Closed cell spray foam is a unique insulating material that does all three. The result is an effective triple protective barrier that not only improves comfort and energy efficiency, but protects the structure of your home from rot and mold growth caused by moisture infiltration.

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